Summer Reading Program 2015

Dear Families and Friends,

Welcome to our 2015 Summer Reading Calendar. Each child is important and deserves every opportunity to learn to read and become literate. We know reading is the basic tool for success in school, work, and throughout life. Research shows the foundation for reading must be laid early in childhood.

You are your child’s first teacher! You have the power to help your child build the foundation for successful reading. Although it may feel like an overwhelming responsibility, there is no need for apprehension. Ushering children into the “world of reading” can and should be done joyfully in a comfortable environment—your home. Your example will inspire your child to read!

We encourage you to read aloud with and to your child every day because it will—

  • Strengthen the bond you share
  • Teach that reading is important and fun
  • Inspire imagination and creativity
  • Develop vocabulary, listening and comprehension skills
  • Stimulate healthy brain development
  • Establish a life-long love of reading and learning
  • Promote success in school
  • Build attention span and interest in a wide range of topics

This summer, we invite you to go to your local library, get a library card, and visit there often.

Libraries offer free book clubs, story times, puppet shows, and many other fun activities to help you and your child read together. In addition, go on family field trips to museums, parks, and other places of interest this summer and keep a journal together of your adventures. This will help your child not only become literate but also create lifelong memories.

Our Summer Reading Calendar is jam-packed with exciting activities, which help you discover a fun summer filled with enjoyable reading adventures.

Gary Herbert, Governor

Jeanette Herbert, First Lady

How the Summer Reading Challenge Works

  • Read: Read as often as you can, including silent reading.
  • Track: Track your progress by coloring in the buckets on the last page of the calendar (Download a *PDF of the calendar below).
  • Report: Fill out the Family Progress Card or report here online. The online link will be available August 1, 2015.
  • Success: After you report your reading at the end of the summer, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement from the Governor and First Lady.

We look forward to receiving your end-of-summer reading report. The online report link will be available here August 1, 2015.

Summer Reading Program Downloads

Governor's 2015 Summer Reading Challenge

Governor's 2015 Summer Reading Challenge – Spanish